About Maxime

Maxime Reynaud

I'm Maxime, born in the South of France near Cannes. I started photography ten years ago as a press photographer in Paris before coming to live in Tokyo. 

Japan has always been a dream for me, as a person and as a photographer. Today I give photography lessons through my Meetup page but what I like most is taking pictures of people, especially couples!

If you wish to contact me for a session, please send me an email at reynaud.contact@gmail.com to organize the session of your dreams. 



The blog - Learn photography

You are a beginner or experienced photographer, so this blog is for you! you will learn simple techniques about the light, but also technical points to develop your creativity and the use of the photography stuff.

I like to share what I learn, browsing forums I saw photographers in trouble who want to learn photography, that's why I decided to open this blog.

I update the blog very regularly, so do not hesitate to subscribe ;)